TiE Institute Workshop - Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
TiE Office
3rd floor, Divyashree Chambers Langford Road
Rs 600/- for Members
Rs 1200/- for Non Members
Have you ever wondered what years of entrepreneurial experience will teach you the hard way? More importantly, do you wish you could learn those lessons systematically in an experiential classroom? To understand and develop the answers to these two questions has been Saras's quest since 1997. For over 15 years now, her colleagues and she have been studying how expert entrepreneurs build enduring ventures. The framework resulting from the studies is called "Effectuation" and consists of five principles that can be found both in the way expert entrepreneurs think and in the early histories of the ventures they build. Each of these principles reduces the use of prediction in making decisions under uncertainty. The principles are learnable and teachable and have real consequences in terms of creating innovative and impactful new ventures with lower costs of failure and higher probabilities of success for you as an entrepreneur.