TiE SIG Women in Partnership with WE Connect bring you : Going Beyond Perceived Limitations

Friday, November 30, 2012 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
TiE Bangalore
3rd floor Divyashree Chambers Langford Town
Rs 100 for Non Members
Free for Members
With the changing socio-cultural environment and increasing educational opportunities, women became aware of their potential to develop entrepreneurial skills. These socio-cultural changes, along with the eagerness of a spectrum of Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to associate with women entrepreneurs, have played a key role in the emergence of female entrepreneurship over the past few decades. Yet female entrepreneurship in India is a comparatively nascent phenomenon. This phenomenon is here to grow and become a force to reckon with.

In this event we hope to look at what could be the factors that seem to come in the way of Women Entrepreneurs and their dreams. We will explore to understand if these factors are self perceived or are they real obstacles unsurpassable.

This panel of women entrepreneurs from different spheres will share with you their journeys, on how they overcame the different obstacles to move beyond their self perceived limitations and arrive to be successful.

Women entrepreneurs from different spheres will have new insights into handling their businesses more efficiently with real time experience sharing and community commaraderie.