GoK-TiE Mentoring Program

Quick Look:

Startup: Fitness Dugout

Sector: Healthcare

Core team: YashPal Singh, Koyel Giri, Srinivas Mishra, Suryanarayanan A. (Advisor), Venkatesh Kedlaya (Advisor)

Website: www.fitnessdugout.com

There is an increasing incidence of cardiac diseases, hypertension, asthma and diabetes at a much younger age. According to the Cardiology Society of India, one-third of adult Indians suffer from hypertension. With the paucity of adequate medical facilities across cities and skewed doctor-patient ratio in India, taking care of one’s health becomes even more important.

Fitness Dugout’s mission is to provide a proactive, personalized, curated, end-to-end preventive healthcare ecosystem which can start at home to help enjoy a healthy life, reduce the probability of falling sick and significantly reduce chronic diseases at an economical value delivered through a mix of online and offline channels.

They provide Preventive Healthcare Packages to corporates and apartments and conduct Yoga classes in corporates.

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