GoK-TiE Mentoring Program

Quick Look:

Startup: Journee – Pendeln Technologies Private Limited

Sector: Consumer Electronic/Social Impact

Core team: Sankaran Kaliappan (Founder & CEO), Vandhana Parkavi Valaguru (Co-founder & COO), Gururaj Rao (Advisor), Ramesh Kumar (Advisor)

Website: journee.in/

Journee is a transit intelligence platform developed by Pendeln Technologies. It enables multimodal digital payments and helps transit authorities collect real-time transit data, issue tickets & passes, analyze, visualize and improve their operations by applying data-driven decisions.

Cities are growing faster. Bangalore Master Plan 2031 estimates residents will lose around 600 million man-hours annually and fuel losses at 280,000 liters/hour due to congestion. In monetary terms, this translates to a loss of $575 million – $210 million per year for fuel and $365 million for work hours. According to MoUD (Ministry of Urban Development), the urban population in India of nearly 377 million is poised to grow to 600 million by 2030. There is a steady increase in the number of single occupant cars on the road. According to a statistic, 85% of cars have only one occupant.

Reliable public transport is core to a sustainable city. Journee’s vision is to help people move around efficiently and seamlessly by making sustainable public transport the preferred mode. The team is currently working with 4 Road Transport Corporations where Journee has been implemented in pilot stage.

Journee will focus on implementing AI and Machine Learning algorithms to improve mobility and to help cities transition to public transport centric sustainable cities from today’s car centric cities.

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