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Sales, the biggest engine of revenue creation for all businesses, has traditionally been feet-on-the-street, relying on in-person relationships, demos and negotiations in India. The stories of smartly dressed “salespeople” with the gift-of-the-gab, non-plussed with rejection, are abound in sales literature.

But with COVID induced lockdowns, Work-From-Home regimes across businesses, in-person meetings shunned by most clients, assemblies banned by regulators and strict need-based meetings policy adopted by individuals and companies, how does one conduct sales processes and continue to deliver revenue for your business?

How does one use their existing relationships and trust in an online world? How do buyers collaborate across departments and how does a salesperson coordinate across different stakeholders?

TiE Bangalore and TiE Delhi-NCR have come together to bring you B2B Sales Academy – a comprehensive multi-series of hands-on workshops, case studies and in-depth knowledge sharing by practitioners and experts, open to all startups and B2B businesses in India!


Held online, this 8-week program will take you through all key facets of sales in the new normal, and enable you to navigate the rapid shifts in behaviors, values and cultural norms. At the end of the program, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and new approaches to pivot your B2B sales methods to suit the current climate.


The program is structured as a multi-series of hands-on workshops, case studies and in-depth knowledge sharing from practitioners and experts from leading corporates and the startup ecosystem. The training sessions are online, spread over eight weeks.

Each session will focus on one part of the sales cycle – from the top of the funnel to post-sale customer success, including how it’s changing under COVID times and best practices you can look forward to adopt/adapt.

Membership also comes with access to a private forum, where participants can answer each other’s questions, share strategies, and give feedback and support.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for salespeople, entrepreneurs and business owners. The strategies will be applicable to all early and growth stage startups, SMEs and SMBs looking to adapt to the current remote environment and meet growth goals.

Curriculum – What You’ll Learn

  • Overview of remote selling
    Need, challenges, initiatives, what’s working and what’s not, experiences, program plan
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing to close
  • Account Management Issues, Hospitality Options, Channel/Partner Sales
  • Sales Team management
    Compensation, Review, Quota, Targets, Tools
  • Hybrid Models for Post COVID world
    Pivots, Product positioning, Product market rethink
  • Case studies and Experiences

Meet your Mentors

TiE Seattle

Rajan AnandanManaging Director, Sequoia Capital and Surge; President, TiE Delhi

Ravi GururajFounder & CEO, QikPod; President, TiE Bangalore

Arvind JhaDirector & Co-Founder, Pariksha Labs; TiE Charter Member

Ravindra KrishnappaFounding Partner, VertEXperts; TiE Charter Member

Madhurima AgarwalDirector – Engineering Programs & Leader – NetApp Excellerator, NetApp; TiE Charter Member

Sruthi KannanHead, Cisco LaunchPad

For any queries, please contact Tulika at [email protected] (+91 8861582049).