TiE Seattle

Our Student Membership for aspiring entrepreneurs offers a unique platform for young innovators to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. With exclusive access to mentorship programs, networking events, and educational resources, students gain invaluable insights into business development. They can pitch ideas, collaborate with like-minded peers, and receive guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs, empowering them to transform their concepts into thriving ventures. This membership fosters creativity, fosters skills, and opens doors to funding opportunities, all while nurturing the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. Join us today and turn your aspirations into reality!


TiE Seattle
  • Mentoring opportunity to all members*
  • Free access to regular TiE Bangalore Events
  • Pro bono legal help through TiE Legal Clinic*
  • Access to funding connects through monthly Funding Clinics and events
  • Eligibility for AWS Credits and other partner offers
  • Industry connects and business leads through numerous networking events
  • Discounted attendance to all TiE events across the world, including flagship events such as TiEcon, TiE Global Summit etc.
  • Branding opportunity through TiE Offer Page** & Untold Stories

*Limited sessions
**On approval from committee

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