Matrix 2022

TiE Seattle

7th edition of Matrix (Global Summit of The MatrixForum)

TiE Seattle

“Matrix 2022” is the Annual Conference of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) The Matrix Forum, a Think-tank Initiative of TiE. Started in 2014, The Matrix Forum is now a vibrant community of over 2500+ IoT Startups, 25000 community members, 14 task forces and 100+ active volunteers.

The Matrix Forum initiatives include meetups and technology deep-dives on varied topics of interest, mentorship, engagement with corporates, partners and investors, evangelizing Frontier Technologies (like Quantum Computing) use-cases and best practices (like AR/VR), thought leadership initiatives with corporates, startups, industry bodies and Government, facilitating Global Ecosystem connects and publishing of the Directory of 2500+ IoT and Deep Tech Startups!

The annual conference of The Matrix Forum (previously known as IoTNext and IoTMatrix) has focused on relevant topics related to current trends, realities on the ground and futuristic technologies.

Our thought leadership contributions to the eco-system and policy framework include glimpse of EdgeComputing way back in 2016 , Security Vulnerabilities of loT edge devices and a Techno- Legal framework for loT, in 2015. AgriTech and HealthTech early innovations and adoption, in 2017/18. In 2019, introduced the IOT Matrix as the Future – phygital world and Enchanted Reality which is nothing but an incarnation of Metaverse. Pivoted and conducted a end-user focused 3 track, 110 sessions virtual IOTMatrix conference, in Dec 2020.

7th edition of “Matrix” on May 24-25, 2022 will focus on 3 broad themes – Digital Next :: Sustainable Growth :: Future Tech

TiE Seattle

The 2 day “Matrix” will focus on the following topics

Digital Next: Post Covid has seen super-accelerated deployments across all industries and in all forms of Digital transformations. Sessions will take deep dives on these deployments and discuss, debate and deliberate on the successes and failures, top usecases, ROI, nature of networks used and security/privacy issues etc.

Sustainable Growth: Sustainable Growth with lower carbon footprint is the future which will create immense opportunities from this decade onwards. All large corporates and industries are taking a serious look at their carbon footprint, and taking action beyond just Green Washing. What are the emerging technologies for Carbon reduction and mitigation, what are the policies and practices on the drawing board of large corporates to reach their sustainability goals, what are the avenues for Indian startups to provide additional measurement/visibility for these goals.

Future Tech: Futuristic technologies are coming faster than we think. Sessions will educate the audience on the latest happenings, research, commercialization and early success around Quantum Computing, Quantum Security, MetaVerse, Mars Tours and Spacetech

TiE MatrixForum is a Think-tank Initiative of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) to #RaiseIoTQuotient of India. Started in 2014, IoTForum is now a vibrant community of over 2500+ IoT/Deeptech/ Startups developing technologies & solutions across the entire IoT Stack from sensor to the cloud, several Thousands of active participants with 14 task forces and 100+ volunteers. For more visit: & join the Telegram Channel: