Startup Starter Kit

TiE Seattle

Getting your startup idea out of the gates can be tough and intimidating. At TiE Seattle, we aim to provide our Members with services and benefits that makes this journey easier and more affordable. With the help of our experienced Charter Members, Sponsors & Partners we have assembled low cost/free assistance in many of the critical areas that you will need to focus on to launch your successful startup. Thanks for being a member and good luck!

  1. Collaboration – Office/Work Space
    A co-working space in your area can be a fantastic places to work and network with other talented entrepreneurs and business professionals who might make great resources as you start and grow. As such , we have teamed up with reputable co-working and incubators in the Puget Sound area on a invite-only programs that will give you customized/discounted space and services.

    See Creat33 TiE Seattle Member-only Invite-only Program <here>.
  2. Legal Insights – 30 min complementary advise
  3. PR/Branding – 30 min complementary advise
  4. Immigration Insights- 30 min complementary advise
  5. Practice Investor Pitch – 1 meeting
  6. TiE EI Content – Free Access
    TiE Entrepreneur Institute (TiE EI) – This program is a combination of in classroom, interactive and offline advisory content for early stage entrepreneurs covering fundamentals of building a startup from successful entrepreneurs, seasoned executives and domain experts.

We are excited to see these Services offered to TiE Seattle Members by our Partners & Sponsors who are subject matter expert professionals & entrepreneurs. A total value of $2000 built into your membership fee of only $100.

If you are interested please contact <[email protected]>.

There will be criteria and discretion used to match members with subject matter experts offering services, to insure optimal experience for both