TiE Seattle

CIALFO Solutions (derived from Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius) is a sports technology platform that is building an all-inclusive, strong and structured ecosystem in the sports domain through the use of digital technologies.

eWellness Expert provides online counseling to people with emotional and mental issues. They also provide wellness packages to corporates, schools & colleges.

Eye-D innovates on Human-Machine-Interfaces and make them ‘usable’ for the specially-abled and elderly.

InPhase Power focuses on power quality and power conversion products for industries to ensure better power because “Better Power means Better Nation”.

Janitri is creating an affordable healthcare technology which helps to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rate in developing countries.

Khabri is a platform that provides audio news in Indian languages, bringing down the literacy barrier through audio.

LEVO is a platform that allows air-travelers to connect with their co-passengers and seat themselves next to someone they would like to network with on their flight.

Olly is a switch on/off credit card app that prevents fraud and gives you full control over your transactions.

OstaBay is an end-to-end online marketplace for bulk import of products from India, hassle-free.

Superheros Incorporated trains vocational students in life skills and provides job placements to enable them to reach their full potential.