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While the closure of educational institutions has protected students from coronavirus, its impact has been highly detrimental on the education & learning of India’s youth, especially those who do not have access to internet-based learning.

Covid-19 has hit the poor and their learning hard. The impact of the pandemic on our youth is insidious and is going to be long lasting. Despite many impressive leaps in the education sector and the attention it is receiving from recent government policies, a lot remains to be accomplished to make it inclusive & impactful.

There is no certainty as to when schools and colleges will resume; a prolonged gap is going to affect interest and ability to go back to learning. The lack of smartphones and high-speed internet, and the lack of availability of quality e-material in regional languages are major issues.

How are we to cope with the losses suffered in learning and education as a result of these situations?

TiE Bangalore, in partnership with Head Held High, has designed TiE Learning Challenge, a 3-month program to fast-track startups working to provide education, learning, skilling & entrepreneurship solutions for the masses.

Curated startups will showcase their business models to spread the word, receive feedback, and acquire connects with mentors, investors and much more! These startups will also get access to focused one-on-one mentoring for 3-months, and get an opportunity to implement, test and fast-track their solutions through the Head Held High learning network in various parts of rural India. This will be followed by another showcase to investors and the entire startup community.

Who Should Apply

TiE Seattle

If you are a startup solving for Bharat’s learning access issues, with a focus on the non-smartphone world, apply now!

Applications open till 31 August 2020

For any queries, please contact Snigdha at [email protected] (+91 81056 40296).