TiE Seattle

You have a great idea, we have a 90-day program to show you how to build a great business! Anthahprerana picks 10 early-stage startups and guides them through a 2-day Startup Bootcamp & a 90-day mentoring program along with sourcing industry connects for growth and scale-up. This is directed at the zeroth stage of entrepreneurship. Know more

GoK-TiE Mentoring Program

The GoK-TiE Mentoring Program was launched to mentor startups that were runners up at the Elevate100 program, in order to help them take their ventures to the next level through mentoring from TiE Charter Members and industry experts, idea validation, advisory and legal support. Here’s a quick look at some of the startups from the program.

Mentoring at TiE

Mentoring is a key value proposition of TiE. The format followed is 1-on-1 and group interactions between experienced Charter Members of TiE and entrepreneurs seeking guidance and advice. This is for entrepreneurs seeking to scale up their business, validate their entrepreneurial ideas, seek advice on funding or effective management strategies, approach to intrapreneurial activities etc.

TiE Startup Showcase

TiE Startup Showcase features curated startups presenting their startups to an audience of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and industry experts. The audience and jury panel participate in providing feedback to the presenting startups. It is a great opportunity to interact with innovative product portfolio founders, investors and mentors from the ecosystem.

TiE Inspire

TiE Inspire is an exclusive mentoring program for women, directed at impacting the business goals of women who are already running companies and looking for guidance and visioning. It will connect a cohort of women entrepreneurs with our eminent Charter Members and industry experts for 4 months for one-on-one mentoring.

TiE Startup Mixer

Get ready for some power networking with the Bangalore startup ecosystem! Ease your frayed nerves and enjoy a critical aspect of being an entrepreneur – Networking! Join us to activate and strengthen your network as you connect with TiE Charter Members, Investors, Mentors and Entrepreneurs.

TiE Founders Forum

Founders Forum is a space where founders connect and share perspectives and learnings. The power of collective brainstorming is employed to solve issues faced by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who come across problems while managing their startups are helped by their peers who have encountered similar issues in their past.

TiE Investor Connect

Here’s your opportunity to get funded faster! TiE Investor Connect Program connects you with VCs for a chance to raise capital investment and leverage TiE’s investor network. The investors will meet a selection of pre-screened startups face-to-face and get to know the entrepreneurs behind the business.

TiE Legal Clinic

TiE Legal Clinic is a one-on-one mentoring clinic for curated startups to solicit legal mentorship through the TiE network of Charter Members, Lawyers and Legal Practitioners. Entrepreneurs get to consult eminent lawyers from the TiE network, who offer pro bono legal advice.