TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) is a unique student entrepreneur program that helps high school students (grades 9-12) learn about the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. Through the TYE program, students develop self-confidence, leadership, creativity and presentation skills. More than 28 TiE Chapters worldwide are already running the TYE program and now Bangalore has its own version!

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Summer batch starts on 15 April 2019


New batch starts
in April 2019

Increase problem-solving skills
and instil traits of a successful entrepreneur
in high school teens

Teach fundamental skills of entrepreneurship,
building and running a business and working
in teams to build startups

TiE Charter Members & industry
experts passionate about education,
teaching & startup mentorship
get involved to mentor teams

Students can register along with their
friends as a team of 5

Winning team from Bangalore will get the
opportunity to compete in the TYE Global


15 years of fostering youth entrepreneurship

100% report increased confidence and skills to work effectively as a team

90% report participating in TYE influenced their career path

50% of the students continue to either work on their venture or volunteer within the program

5000+ participants have graduated from this program


We believe in creating a brave space for young people to experiment and grow. The following statements clarify the TYE Community Values to ensure that a welcome and collaborative space is felt and upheld by all.

TYE is an environment where everyone is treated with respect.

We will be patient, supportive and provide space for the self-development of the individual and of the group.

We will be present in both mind and person, alert and ready to work in each TYE session.

We will support a welcoming learning environment by not speaking over anyone, speaking up in class when I have been quiet,
and letting others speak up in class if I have been doing much the talking (Step Up & Step Down).

We understand that competition is not meant to destroy one another but for the sake of bettering and improving all competitors as a result of the process.


Here’s a recap of the first edition of the TiE Young Entrepreneurs program in Bangalore.




TYE brings together the various stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to give high school students the mindset and skills to start real companies and implement path-breaking solutions. The program has successful entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and senior corporate executives guiding, sharing insights and exchanging ideas with the young minds.

Mekin Maheshwari

Sanjay Anandaram
Entrepreneur, Mentor,
Investor & Advisor

Ravindra Krishnappa
Chief Thinker & Dreamer,

Madan Padaki
Founder & CEO,

Murlidhar Surya
Founder & CEO,
Lodestar Education Services

Anjana Vivek
Visiting Professor,

Manish Sharma
Co-Founder & Director,

Ravi Gururaj
Founder & CEO,

Arvind Nadig


Madanmohan Rao
Research Director,

Naganand Doraswamy
Managing Director & Founder,
Ideaspring Capital

Geetha Ramamurthy
Co-Founder & CEO,
Ignite Career Confidence

Vaitheeswaran K
Again Drinks

Bala Girisaballa

Srikrishna Ramamoorthy
Unitus Seed Fund


Sharda Balaji
Founder & Director,
NovoJuris Legal


Priyadeep Sinha
Founder, CEO & Managing Director

Abhinav Pathak
Co-Founder & CEO

… along with numerous other serial entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and senior corporate executives



  • “Aryan has shown immense interest in the TYE program in the last three months. He has received an incredible amount of knowledge and real-life experiences through the program. The exposure that he’s received at this young age through TYE is unimaginable. I’m not speaking only on behalf of my son but most of the students found great value. A big thank-you to TiE – please keep it up!”
    – Ravi (Parent), TYE Bangalore 2018
  • “As a parent, this journey was a huge eye-opener and a learning experience for me too. To see the kids moving from brainstorming an idea to ideating, monetizing the idea, learning how to prototype, writing algorithms and actually building the prototype – calling it was just a good journey would be an understatement. The kids gave their 100% and I am so glad that I could enrol him for TYE. I would recommend it more than highly to anyone who is interested because this experience is not just for people looking to be entrepreneurs, I think they learnt a lot of life-skills as well. Working in a team, creating, innovating – they learnt it all and they were absolutely inspiring to me too. Thank you for giving them this opportunity.”
    – Vidhya (Parent), TYE Bangalore 2018
  • “This experience was an eye opener for me. The program helped me build myself as a person. Thanks to TYE, I look at entrepreneurship now as something more than just a fancy French word. I am going to miss every second of this so much. This was one of the best experiences of my entire life. When I look at the world around me today, I don’t see problems as problems but as opportunities to create a business.”
    – Kyna (Student), TYE Bangalore 2018


TiE Bangalore, O’ Shaughnessy Road, Langford Town, Bengaluru 560025 (Map)


TiE Members: ₹ 14,900 (inclusive of taxes)
Non-Members: ₹ 17,900 (inclusive of taxes)



For any queries, please contact Snigdha at snigdha@tiebangalore.org (08041474567).