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Quick Look:

Startup: Aegeus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sector: Clean Energy

Core team: Suraj Vernekar (Co-founder and CEO), Praful Roogi (Co-founder), Sivaguru Arumugam

Website: www.aegeustechnologies.com

Aegeus Technologies develops products and solutions for:

– Asset Monitoring and Protection for Electrical Utilities

– Asset Monitoring and Efficiency Improvement of Solar Plants

To help customers improve their plant efficiency, protect the environment and save precious water resources for future generations, Aegeus technologies has developed SolarBot: Waterless Solar Panel Cleaning Robot.

The amount of solar power capacity expected to be added globally in the coming years is equivalent to 70,000 new solar panels every hour – enough to cover 1,000 soccer pitches every day. The current installed capacity in India is 20GW, with a target set by the Government of India to increase it to 100GW by 2022. Ironically, most of the solar plants in India do not operate at their optimal efficiency due to soiling on the panels. The current method of cleaning involves manual labour who use anywhere between 7,000-20,000 liters of water per MW every time the panels are cleaned. India is staring at a deepening water crisis with few steps being taken to ameliorate this bleak situation. UNESCO predicts an intensified water crisis across the nation.

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