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Quick Look:

Startup: Aveonix Technologies Private Limited

Sector: Embedded systems design and development

Core team: Arvind R. Chenjeri (co-founder), Suresh V.V. (co-founder), Satyanarayana M., Sridhara Rao, Guruprasad G.V., Debali Gupta Bakshi, Rahul Rao

Website: http://www.aveonix.in/

Aveonix Technologies was founded in May 2017 to address the market for electronics and embedded systems design in the aerospace and defense sectors in India.

With the renewed focus on indigenization due to the Make in India initiative of the Government, there is a huge opportunity over the next 2 decades to redesign and overhaul most of the equipment that is currently being used by the Indian defense forces. Aveonix has got their start with cracking two critical projects for Honeywell that will see applications in the Indian defense during the second half of 2018.

Aveonix aspires to become one of the most preferred partners in the integrated electronic design domain. Their vision is to offer invaluable IP and services to the defense and commercial sectors, from conceptualization to implementation.