GoK-TiE Mentoring Program

TiE Seattle

Quick Look:

Startup: Invenzo Labs India Pvt. Ltd.

Sector: B2B Software (SaaS)

Core team: Raj Gopal (CEO, Director), Vikram Bheemaiah (CTO, Engg. Lead), Anirban Chakraborti (Director), P.T. Srinivasa (Board Member), Harish Sastry (Head of Operations), Rajat Bhatia (Advisor), Arun Sachidanand (Product Management)

Website: www.invenzolabs.com

The fundamental challenge for Digital Technology Adoption & Transformation is not sophisticated product development, as commonly thought, but ensuring that the product is actually utilized properly by the users (internal and external). Hence, product usability has been the form & spirit of Invenzo from the start. Their SAAS platforms (izoLEAP, izoWHIZ and izoHEALTH), while retaining all superior elements of digital experience, design thinking and modular approach retain a human element which allows users to quickly adapt. Invenzo proudly calls it “Human Digital Interface SAAS”.

The SAAS platforms make access to technology democratic, adoption simple and product usability easier to leapfrog businesses (Retail, Logistics and Healthcare) to grow and scale. Invenzo envisages a future where businesses will be plugged into two market places simultaneously – one self-created by the SAAS suite of platforms and the other to that of aggregators.

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