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Quick Look:

Startup: Machstatz

Sector: Industrial Internet of Things

Core team: Sameer Patnaik (Co-founder & CEO), Pruthviraj Subudhi (Co-founder & CTO), Srikant Gupta (Co-founder & COO)

Website: www.machstatz.com

Machstatz provides end-to-end solutions in the Industrial IoT field. Machstatz is a combination of two words – Machines and Statistics. Their flagship product is an end-to-end platform which can be used to deploy a complete industrial IoT solution. The platform can be used for configuration of smart sensors using Wi-Fi and Lora based technologies, and configuration of existing machines of production floor through drag and drop method.

The platform is compatible with legacy-based control systems, sensors and other sources of data like ERP, MES etc. Once connected, the extracted data from the machines can then be used to analyze and discover hidden patterns and correlations which can be used to increase production efficiency, increase machine uptime and predict failures on real-time basis. Machstatz also has IoT modules which can be used for industry specific use cases. They also install smart sensors and devices as part of their offering which is being developed through a partner ecosystem providing the last mile connectivity to the manufacturing customer.