GoK-TiE Mentoring Program

TiE Seattle

Quick Look:

Startup: MakerInMe Technologies Private Limited

Sector: EdTech

Core team: Parag Gulhane, Harish Rawlani

Website: www.cretile.com

MakerInMe’s first product – Cretile – is a kit for STEM education and for makers.

Cretile is a kit of plug-n-play Robotic, Electronics, Automation & IoT Modular building blocks. Cretiles are like ‘LEGO’ of the electronics/robotics world making an excellent tool for STEM Education.

The team has invented an easy way to connect two or more Cretile blocks to each other, eliminating need of any wiring, soldering or programming. Connect them to each other and they just work.

With more than 36 modules, one can build virtually limitless projects. It is one’s creativity that will define what Cretile can do. Cretile ignites the desire to create, experiment, tinker, try, create, build, demonstrate or prototype. Here’s a glimpse of creations that one can build with Cretile: bit.ly/2uuZdjg

They can be followed on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.