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Quick Look:

Startup: Oceo Water

Sector: IoT, Water

Core team: Vikram Gulecha (Strategy & Alliance), Mahendra Kumar (Manufacturing & Engineering) supported by Hashmukh Gulecha (Operations & Finance) and Rajeev Krishna (Technology Development)

Website: www.oceowater.com

Oceo is building a first-of-its-kind smart water purifier that gives you healthy water at your home without having to purchase the device or pay a maintenance fee. All you pay for is the purified water from the machine.

Oceo is an IoT-enabled Smart Water Purifier designed to meet growing needs for safe drinking water. The startup currently operates in Bangalore and has commenced field trails in Chennai and Hyderabad. They are also discussing with potential partnerships in international markets like UAE, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

They can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.