GoK-TiE Mentoring Program

TiE Seattle

Quick Look:

Startup: OfficeTimer

Sector: B2B SaaS

Core team: Srinath Ramakrishna (Founder and CEO)

Website: https://www.officetimer.com/

OfficeTimer is a SaaS based B2B predictive analytical tool that helps companies manage their projects and employees and ensures that a project’s profitability and employees’ performance is maintained high at all times. This is achieved by constantly analyzing the current vs. planned KPIs and forecasting the current trends to future. OfficeTimer prompts the key stake holders with red flags and suggests actions that could be taken to avoid a future variance.

OfficeTimer plays a role in executive decision making and in efficient management of projects and employees. It not only provides reports on historical data but also analyzes this data using AI and gives the future trends of the KPIs based on historical and current data. The system also prompts the stakeholders with possible corrective actions and the achievable results for each action prompted.

They can be followed on Linkedin.