GoK-TiE Mentoring Program

TiE Seattle

Quick Look:

Startup: Smider India Pvt. Ltd

Sector: Electronics, Mechanical, IoT, Smart infrastructure

Core team: Ashwin Nataraj (Co-founder), Sachin K. (Co-founder), V.L. Panchal (Angel Investor & Mentor)

Website: www.smider.in

Today, on average, we lose 0.15 litres of fuel while sitting idle in a traffic congestion for just 10 minutes. Traffic congestion costs around 240,000 crore across 4 major cities, every year. The costs are defined by fuel wastage, productivity loss, air pollution and road crashes.

Smider is trying to alleviate the problem by creating smart infrastructure (smart dividers) that can move depending on the current traffic situation. Smider is a smart divider designed to enable smart traffic management helping traffic management authorities to easily direct traffic and reduce traffic congestion by routing traffic into alternate efficient routes, optimising traffic flow.

Ketto Campaign: bit.ly/2If191f