GoK-TiE Mentoring Program

TiE Seattle

Quick Look:

Startup: Tech Source Solutions

Sector: Agriculture

Core team: Vinay Krishna C. (Co-founder), Susmitha C. (Co-founder), Panchayya Hiremath (Sales), Harsh Agnihotri (Marketing)

Website: www.techsourcesolutions.in

Tech Source Solutions manufactures instant and low-cost soil moisture indicator for irrigation scheduling. This is an irrigation scheduling tool which helps farmers in understanding the irrigation requirements of the crop. The farmers check the field using the SMI and provide irrigation based on the water deficit condition suggested by SMI at different location. Farmers are able to understand the moisture status at the root zone upto a depth of 30 cm. The product is priced at Rs.1441/- and is affordable for many farmers. The product is approved by an Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) lab.

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