GoK-TiE Mentoring Program

TiE Seattle

Startup: Booksbeka Online Solutions Private Limited

Sector: EdTech (higher education)

Founders: Kaushik H.A. (CEO), Venugopal S. (Design Lead), Roopak K. (Business Dev.), Pruthvi R. (Marketing)

Website: www.vrook.co, www.booksbeka.com

Started in 2015, Booksbeka.com is an e-commerce website that caters to the academic needs of a student. It enables customers to buy new/used textbooks and also enables them to sell it back to the company. Their USP is the availability of hard-to-source second-hand books on their website.

Gradually, the team observed the increase in prices of textbooks and increase in piracy through photocopying – coupled with students losing interest in learning. This got them into analyzing further the problems that plagued today’s students, along with eminent people in the industry and academia.

They identified 3 major problems that affect students of higher education:

  • Lack of visualization in learning
  • Traditional methods of teaching
  • No practical learning

In July 2017, the team ideated Vrook – a web and mobile application to provide immersive and interactive learning experience through Virtual Reality and 3D visualizations. Virtual Reality in education brings learning to life via a virtual environment. The more a learner is able to participate in life-like engagement, the easier it is to connect to the subject material.

The mission of Vrook is to simplify higher educational content through visualization and give more emphasis on Immersive and Practical learning. The product will be delivered and consumed through Virtual Reality modules and VFX & animated videos.

They can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.